Making your Presentations Mobile-Friendly [Webinar Replay]

August 23, 2010 | Irwin Hipsman
Making your Presentations Mobile-Friendly [Webinar Replay]

The final event of the summer series of 30-minute webinars pertained to making your Brainshark presentations ready for mobile devices/smart phones.  Topics included:

  • What is/is not supported when viewing on a smart phone

  • Understanding your mobile audience

  • Best practices when creating a presentation

  • Upcoming product enhancements 

There were many questions ranging from security to should a mobile and non-mobile version of a Brainshark be created. We edited the replay and the questions are on the last slide. Click here to view the initital 15-minute replay and the 13-minute Q&A session. In the attachments tab there is a  Best Practices PDF.

A major consideration with mobile devices is screen real estate. This image compares the screen size of a Blackberry as compared to an iPhone size device.  We estimate that the iPhone screen is about 10% the size of a typical notebook PC and the Blackberry screen is half as large as the iPhone. The presentation makes specific suggestions on how to address the limitations of screen size.

Currently, about 1% of Brainshark views are on smart phones and this will grow over time. We asked attendees a few polling questions, and the overall response was that most organizations have not standardized on one device nor have they implemented a mobile communications strategy. According to Morgan Stanley's Mobile Internet Report, by 2015 more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than PC's. Mobile is clearly going to be a game changer and making your content mobile-friendly is going to become more and more important.

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