Brainshark Non-profit Grant Program is Paying Off

Brainshark Non-profit Grant Program is Paying Off
December 30, 2010
The following is an email I received from Jill Greenbaum, Founder & CEO of Schools Unite Network SUN.   The Schools Unite Network received a grant from Brainshark last year to use the Brainshark platform for their non-profit activities.  Brainshark also awards grant recipients free service hours with a Consultant to help the non-profit apply the platform to their communication needs effectively.

"My thanks to you and your wonderfully helpful team for creating such a terrific product.  It is one that I enjoy using and without which I would be unable to boil down a considerable amount of material, and present it in digestible segments to our target audience.

Our users are comprised of thousands of parents and/or educators from over 90 public and private schools, an increase of almost 30% from 2009, community members, the NYPD and other governmental and nongovernmental agencies, primarily in Manhattan.  Primary goal: We are seeking ways to expand our reach for the purpose of helping to increase the safety of children, reduce juvenile crime and gang activity, and prevent delinquency. We have thus far used Brainshark to branch our webinars and I look forward to converting the material for use on mobile devices since we often communicate our information to busy parents wherever they may be.  We are in the process of disseminating our presentation to about a thousand users through email links to test who is viewing what and for how long.

Prior to creating our first Brainshark, presentations to groups of schools and parents, or individual schools would be made primarily through live PowerPoint presentation and because of time constraints and the format, we would never be able to cover the amount of information in such an in-depth manner as we do in our Brainshark presentations.

Jennifer Guido and other caring professionals from your creative staff provided us with important critical input to help present webinars in a clean and clear format through helpful branching techniques, survey questions, and the proper use of attachments and presentation of visual information.  Our experience has proven over and over again that in a digital age, it is important for busy parents to have a hi-tech network that looks out for their children, increases their safety and helps keep youths on track. It is not only about watching out for the kids on their street or in their child’s school, it is about watching out for ALL of our children. That’s why I developed the Schools Unite Network “SUN,” your source 4 safety and that’s what Brainshark helps me do in the most effective manner possible.

All of us at the Police Liaison Group appreciate your continued support and wish everyone at Brainshark a very happy, healthy, safe and successful New Year!

Thank you! Jill"

 - No, Thank you Jill.  Thank you for looking out for children and families and helping all of us provide a safer environment.  We are humbled by your passion and your perseverance and are proud to be connected with you and your work.  Everyone here at Brainshark wishes you, your volunteers and all the families you serve a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!