Keeping Children Safe and Sound with On-Demand Presentations

Keeping Children Safe and Sound with On-Demand Presentations
December 4, 2010

Jill Greenbaum, founder & CEO of the Police Liaison Group, shares how a grant from Brainshark assists their major program, the Schools Unite Network, in helping to secure the futures of children in New York City.

The Schools Unite Network’s program was created to increase the safety of children, reduce juvenile crime and prevent delinquency. Based on the premise that “in a digital age it takes a hi-tech network of caring parents to raise a child,” our challenge is to expand the Schools Unite Network program to engage as many parents as possible.

Parents today are bombarded with information through social media and emails. Having a reliable platform like Brainshark that provides a user-friendly interface to get our messages out is essential in effectively reaching parents and schools. Brainshark’s tools enable us to easily craft engaging presentations with audible clarity that are accessible on most mobile devices through webinars and/or podcasts, so we can reach our constituents where they are.

After conferring with Jennifer Guido, one of Brainshark’s consultants, we condensed a considerable amount of material into a twenty minute webinar, and through branching techniques presented it in digestible segments to our target audience for viewing at live presentations and on their computers.

We are now in the process of taking these segments and creating concise, targeted messages for our users. The first segment we’re testing is under two minutes. Expanding our channels of distribution to include mobile devices and social media for this segment has yielded an increase in viewership of over 134% in less than a week.

Brainshark’s metrics, which can be enabled for viewing in real time, allow us to quickly make adjustments to our presentations to more effectively communicate with our parents. 

By implementing recommendations from caring professionals on the consulting and creative team at Brainshark, we were able to present our materials in a flexible, clean and clear format. Their suggestions on branching techniques, survey questions, attachments and the presentation of visual information were extremely helpful. 

Developing the best ways to keep our kids safe in a post-9/11 digital age is not just a job for me, it’s my passion … it’s not only about the kids on our street or in our children’s schools, it’s about the safety of ALL children. That’s why I developed the Schools Unite Network (SUN), your source for safety, and that’s what Brainshark helps me accomplish in the most effective manner possible.