Tips and Tricks: Before You Land Them^* You First Have to Hook Them...

January 29, 2010 | Rob Sutherland
Tips and Tricks: Before You Land Them^* You First Have to Hook Them...

In traversing myBrainshark over the past few months, I've noticed that almost all presentations start with some form of "Welcome to Title of My Presentation. I'm Presenter Name". This may work for instructional presentations with a captive audience, but for venues like myBrainshark, where people are browsing or searching for impactful, relevant content, try opening with something more engaging than these fact statements if you want people to stick around even until slide number two. To be blunt, unless you're famous, prospective viewers searching for content don't initially care who you are as much as they care what you're going to do for them. To use a fishing term, you have to "set the hook". How can you do that? Here's a 2-minute tip on one sure way to get those tire kickers into the driver's seat! 

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