Mobile Multimedia Slideshows & an Affordable Solution for Trainers

June 29, 2010 | David Klein
Mobile Multimedia Slideshows & an Affordable Solution for Trainers
The summer weather has finally hit us in New England - what better time than to BBQ up a nice order of "hurray" for a new product release of myBrainshark.

There are some great new upgrades to our service:

  • myBrainshark on the Go: Whether you've narrated your animated PowerPoint or just uploaded a video, your content can now be seen on almost any mobile device: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, PalmPre, Droid - basically any device that streams video! 

  • Got video? myBrainshark It: we've improved our video conversion to enable you to upload almost any kind of video file - almost 100 different varieties!

  • Share Content & Track Views: See some content you like and want to share it with a colleague?  Want to know if they've followed your recommendation and viewed it? Logged in users that find content to share, can not only email out a clickable, thumbnail image of the content, but can actually get a View Receipt when the person they've sent the content to watches the presentation.  

  • Need to implement that training project now?: The recently released myBrainshark Pro, our premium advanced feature option, has been receiving great accolades with small office and home office professionals. Now training professionals can take advantage of myBrainshark Pro Trainer, an edition offering additional learning-focused features like:

    • Exam questions & scoring

    • Certificates

    • LMS integration with SCORM 

    • Cloning and merging slides amongst your authored content

Watch more on myBrainshark Pro Trainer below.


We hope that you like the new improvements and always welcome your feedback.

- Dk

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