Combining cool Technologies: Pulse Smart Pen & myBrainshark

Combining cool Technologies: Pulse Smart Pen & myBrainshark
March 22, 2010
Our myBrainshark members tend to be on the look out for innovative technology which can be used to enhance their message - whether it be sales, marketing or training oriented. And I'll continue to highlight those cases when I see them.  

Celeste Blackwell likes to use Livescribe's Pulse Smart Pen, Pencast technology to convey concepts in a unique way. She has experimented with embedding a different means of communication of her message in her myBrainshark presentations.

But what is a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen you might ask? Imagine participating in an intensive workshop with twenty others listening to subject matter that will be the basis of an exam the next day. You turn on your Livescribe Pulse Smart pen which allows you to digitally record your written notes live using a special dot paper technology and audio through built-in microphone. You then refer to the notes and audio later while studying using what they call paper replay with just the pen and the notebook in which you took your notes.

Celeste took it to the next level by effectively distributing those notes through myBrainshark.  She included an audio annotated sketch, reminiscent of the kind you would draw on a napkin to explain something at a business lunch, in her presentation called, "Technology that works for you."

Note: "Technology that works for you." Presentation is not longer active.