Making the most of Background Audio

Making the most of Background Audio
May 22, 2010

As many of you know, Brainshark offers a terrific feature called Background Audio.  This allows you to have a secondary track of music play along with your primary slide audio.  It is particularly effective on introduction and closing slides, questions slides, and presentations that contain a lot of graphics but not a lot of spoken audio.

We provide you with a library of audio tracks for use.  I often hear customers ask for new music to be made available.   While that is definitely something we're working on, I also want to take a few minutes to remind you that you can upload any audio tracks you want to use for background audio.

Who can do this?  Well first, your Brainshark Company Administrator.  They can populate your company music library with whatever tracks they want to make available. These can then be used by any author in your site.   In addition, the company administrator can also grant permission for authors to upload their own tracks.   This way any author can enhance their presentation with whatever MP3s they wish to upload.

Where is it?   If you visit 'My Media Library' from the Brainshark Presentations application, you will see a tab called Background Audio.   You will see all the songs in your company library, which include the default selection provided by Brainshark, as well as any that your company administrator may have added for your use.  In addition, you should see an 'Add Background Audio' link.  When you upload files, they will appear on this tab in the section 'My Background Audio'.  If you do not see a link to Add, it means your company administrator has not enabled this.  You may wish to contact them to see if this is something they will allow, or to encourage them to add more audio tracks to the company library.

If you have any questions on this or other features, don't hesitate to contact us at