The -insert your name here- Release is Now Available!

The -insert your name here- Release is Now Available!
May 12, 2010

What's with the name, Kristin?  Well, I decided that this release contains so many of those little wish list items that customers have had for so long, that you deserve to have this release named after you!

How many times have I heard frustration over the fact you cannot easily reorder your attachments?  Check!  Taken care of - easy to use drag and drop functionality.

And the classic "I am going to a trade show and just want my presentation to keep playing over and over again at my booth".   Check!  Presentation looping is just a click away on any of your presentations.

Or how about this:  "Why can't I make the question slides look more like the rest of my presentation"?   Check!  We've added drag and drop moving and resizing of elements, and controls over fonts and sizes, in addition to our existing support of changing colors and backgrounds.  

Let's add to all that response specific feedback on questions, and some Rapid Learning improvements for good measure, and you've got the May 2010 release.  For specifics on these changes, please take a few minutes to watch the following presentation:


I'm so excited to be able to deliver these things to you and just know  that our veteran authors will see huge benefit from these changes.  Thank you for your continued feedback on our product.  Please keep it coming and remember you can always email your enhancement requests to  as well.  We hope you love all the new functionality as much as we do.

So take a bow and enjoy the credit, it's your release!