Brainshark for Informal vs. Formal Learning

Brainshark for Informal vs. Formal Learning
November 2, 2010

Hello, I'm Audrey Polce, Practice Manager for Learning & Development at Brainshark.  October has been a busy month for me.  On October 13, I participated in a Customer Community Webinar on the topic of Informal vs. Formal learning and two weeks later attended Elliot Masie’s Learning 2010 Conference in Orlando.  I'll be summarizing my thoughts that I took away from the conference in the next few weeks. In general, the buzz is all around social/informal learning and mobile.

From my perspective as Brainshark's Practice Manager for Learning, I work with many of our customers who are being challenged to:

  • Deliver effective learning quickly and cost effectively

  • Support the training needs of the lines of business

  • Address the scheduling needs and learning styles of their employees

  • Enable subject matter experts to create their own learning content.

  • Report and measure the impact of learning

  • Keep abreast of advances in technology

Rather than just offer the typical 45-minute webinar replay from the October 13 session, I created a 13 minute Brainshark presentation which covers the key points. Click here to access this and the Learning Resource Kit which includes client case studies and presentations, information sheets and a document I created containing the current industry trends, and answers to your common learning challenges.