Do you want a copy of the new book^* Real Time Marketing & PR?

Do you want a copy of the new book^* Real Time Marketing & PR?
November 9, 2010

just finished reading David Meerman Scott's book on how to instantly engage your market, connect with customers, and create products that grow your business now. David will be joining us for a 60-minute webinar discussion on Wednesday, November 17 at 2:00 pm (EST). To register click here.

Real-Time Marketing & PR covers three main topics; what David calls Revolution Time, Connecting with Your Market, and Growing Your Business. Unlike most business books that talk about how Starbucks and Dell use social media and technology, David looks at small companies with limited resources. The key lesson learned is that creativity and passion can trump and ultimately create brand awareness. 

As I write this blog post, I am going back and forth with Hubspot, one of the companies mentioned in the book and a vendor of ours. I am trying to watch a video on their website and they responded to my request 7 minutes after I sent a generic note to That’s what we're talking about!

My absolute favorite story was the exercise David undertook when writing the book.  He went to the web site of the Fortune 100 companies, researched how to communicate with media relations, and sent an email with the same question to each. The results were amazing, and you will have to either attend or buy his book.

We will be giving away 50 copies of the book. Watch for a blog post after the webinar to learn how. To register click here.