November Release Communication: UX^* Security^* Double-byte and Speed

November Release Communication: UX^* Security^* Double-byte and Speed
November 4, 2010
With the New England leaves changing around our office park, Brainshark, too, decided to change a few things as we evolve our products through the seasons.
  1. Browsing the Catalog: The Content Portal, your browsable catalog of company content, has a few new elements on it:

    • Sorting: it’s now easier to sort the list on the home by date, title (alpha), popularity, and rating.

    • New: if there’s some new content that’s been added to the catalog since you last logged in, it will mark with “New”

  2. Share your Content: whether you want to have your internal team review your content on its landing page within the content portal – having access to rating, commenting and your other related works; or you just want to share the presentation as a stand-alone player; or you want to embed your content right into your website, you now have easy access to all links and embed sizes.

  3. FTP with SSH: we’ve expanded the ability to export your reports using SSH (secure shell).  For those of you requiring an SSH file transfer protocol, our application now supports your needs.

  4. Doublebyte Support: we continue to ensure that localizing your content is not an issue – including those language with double-byte characters (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean).  Creating slides in your local language is a no-brainer, but now we’ve added the ability to create question slides in your local double-byte language.

  5. Faster LiveMeeting Imports: now importing your LiveMeeting webinars for conversion into on-demand Brainshark presentation is faster than ever!

    1. CSV Option: Getting a quick Viewing Details Report on your presentation is available as a CSV download.