Integrating Video into your Brainshark presentation [Webinar Replay]

November 15, 2010 | Irwin Hipsman
Integrating Video into your Brainshark presentation [Webinar Replay]

Did you know if you have a personal video camera or smartphone with video capability, you can literally record 30-seconds of video, upload it into Brainshark, and distribute it to your audience---all in about 5 minutes?

Video remains a very popular topic for our Customer Community Webinars. However, there are so many options to shoot, edit and distribute that it can get confusing. For example, as seen in the two screens below, the format your video is shot in and how you save it in Brainshark can impact the way it plays in your presentation. There are pros and cons to different displays and depending on the video quality, the smaller view may be preferable.


During the live webinar we asked about utilization of video and half of the attendees had already added a video to a presentation and 50% of therm created the actual video themselves, which is exciting to see.

Click here to view the 10-minute re-recording of the 40-minute webinar which includes a dozen screen shots of video examples and a wide range of resources. Topics discussed ranged from:

  • Aspect ratios to YouTube

  • On-line editing to iPhones

  • High-definition to Best Practices

  • URL parameters to bandwidth considerations

  • .flv files to hiding the table of contents

In December, we will be announcing the Sharkie 2011 competition awards. The Sharkies honor the best Brainshark presentations made this year. Video will have its own category and we look forward to seeing your nominations. To register for the 30-minute December 8 webinar which reviews the categories and judging criteria, click here.

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