A New Brainshark Player...Coming Soon!

A New Brainshark Player...Coming Soon!
October 3, 2010

Our most recent product release included the launch of a new player for Brainshark presentations.  Our next maintenance release will also focus some finer tuning.  Although to most viewers, there is little change from the old one.  But it is faster; more streamlined in its processes and also bears a few new cool features:

New Player Features

  • Hide table of contents

  • Full screen view

  • Embed without iframe

New Question Types

  • Sequence

  • Matching

  • Multiple choice with last choice as open field

  • Fill in the blank

  • Likert Scale

Please check it out and give us some feedback.  Your input will continue to ensure that provide you with great, innovative products.

Please note: if necessary, turn your pop-up blocker off to view this sample presentation.

This new player isn't publicly available at this time.  We will be rolling out this new player to a limited customer audience over the next few months.

Contact your representative for more information and look out for more to come.