Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses

Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses
October 1, 2010

With the National Hurricane Center projecting this to be an active hurricane season, it pays to be prepared.  In a recent press release, Armand Fernandez, chief risk engineering officer at  Zurich Services Corporation, said “Businesses in the Mid-Atlantic should know that there are measures that can be taken now, even as a hurricane approaches, which can help mitigate costly losses during and after the storm.”  Zurich, a Brainshark customer, is one of the  leading property and casualty insurance providers globally and in North America. They provide a number of resources on hurricane preparedness, particularly oriented toward businesses and business property owners, on their website at:

They also put out an excellent video on called “Hurricane Preparedness – 36 Hours Out” focused on precautionary measures you can take to minimize damage (and hence mitigate losses) from a hurricane 36 hours from impact.  

The short video touches on 5 key areas:

  • Hurricane Response Plans 

  • Protecting the Building – Inside & Out

  • Evacuating the Building

  • Protecting Staff Who Remain

  • Post-Storm Activities

Disclaimer: This video is provided by Zurich Services Corporation and is intended as general information and guidance in preparation for hurricane season.  It is not intended to be specific to one industry or customer and is not an exhaustive or complete treatment of the subject matter.