Empower Channel Partners to Market for You

Empower Channel Partners to Market for You
September 8, 2010

Conventional wisdom says that your channel partners largely can’t (or won’t) effectively market for you. I disagree.

Many partners want to grow their customer bases. They want to prospect and generate leads. And they’ll leverage your offerings to help them do it – if you give them the tools they need.

You need to arm your partners with content about your offerings that supports their  businesses and their sales cycles, not just yours. Resellers need content that provides value to their customers and prospects, and that differentiates their brand and business focus.

It’s easy to blame the reseller for lack of focus on your products. But in my experience, often the vendor needs to take a closer look at how they are working with specific partners, especially those that aren’t in the top 10-20% in revenue generation.

Help partners leverage social media

What can you do to move partners up the food chain? Help them leverage social media and multimedia to get their message – and yours – across. Because, guess what? Your end customers are hanging out online to make purchasing decisions.

Recent research from TechTarget shows that technology buyers are increasingly using social media to gather the information they need at various points in the buying cycle. That research also reveals that your chances of making an impact and getting on a buyer’s short list are much higher if they connect with your offering early in their research process.

As you’d expect, buyers conduct research online to identify potential solutions to their business problems. Once they formulate a short list of potential vendors, their online activity focuses on vetting those few vendors, making a buying decision, and gathering information to support that decision.

So you need to get the word out about your company and products early and often – and a great way to do that is through your partners. If you give them content that helps them promote their business and expertise, they will use it in the e-mails, discussion groups, blogs, web pages and other ways they interact with their customers. If that content is in multimedia or video format, so much the better, because over 80% of people prefer multimedia content and learn better from it, too.

Stay up-close and personal

Channel Marketing Content Syndication is an emerging technology that enables channel marketing organizations to distribute and manage partner content so that:

  • It’s easy for partners to locate and leverage, using links not documents.

  • It’s always up-to-date, everywhere it exists.

  • Your partners can brand and personalize it to meet their individual sales needs.

  • It provides all kinds of reporting and analytics for vendors and partners alike.

Fresher, higher-quality content can help compress reseller sales cycles. It’s also much more likely to be used by resellers, so your offerings get noticed early in prospects’ decision-making processes. Built-in feedback mechanisms let you measure success.

Add the multimedia advantage

Combining Channel Marketing Content Syndication with the unsurpassed impact of on-demand multimedia content is an ideal way to help your partners deliver timely, co-branded, high-value messages to end customers. Brainshark technology integrates these capabilities, along with real-time reporting to both vendors and partners. Brainsharks also offer a cost-effective way to train your resellers.  The power of Brainshark’s Channel Solution can drive new sources of demand generation by differentiating both you and your resellers.  View a Brainshark on Baptie's upcoming webinar Demand Generation: Provide New Content that Drives Partner Sales.

Empower your channel partners to engage social media with fresh, customized, multimedia content and you will drive new sources of demand generation, by differentiating both your message and theirs.

Please comment and share your experiences with supporting reseller marketing.