London^* Chicago^* Atlanta and Minneapolis Meetings

September 13, 2010 | Irwin Hipsman
London^* Chicago^* Atlanta and Minneapolis Meetings

This fall, Brainshark will be on the road visiting customers around the world. As always,  we are trying to do things differently. The meetings in London, Chicago and  Atlanta will have both a breakfast for those interested in learning more about Brainshark and a User Group lunch.  In Minneapolis, we will just have a User Group lunch.  To register for any of these, click here  

The User Group lunches in Chicago (October 19), London (October 20), Minneapolis (November 2) and Atlanta (November 9) are a wonderful opportunity to network with other Brainshark users in your area, see some excellent presentations, hear about new enhancement and, of course, give us your feedback.

The breakfast meetings preceding the User Groups in London (October 20/21), Atlanta (November 9) and Chicago (October 19) are for those who want to learn  about Brainshark and will feature experts discussing the Content Crisis: Three forces making your B2B marketing content irrelevant. 

We see three forces converging: the growth of social media, the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the embrace of entertaining online content is causing a shift that we have not seen since the early proliferation of the Web. Any one trend presents enormous opportunity – yet their convergence creates a content crisis that will make it more challenging to stand out with your audience and reach them in the ways they want to be reached. Learn ways to reach prospects on THEIR terms, in the ways they want to hear from you. Optimize your strategy, messages, content, and processes to reach your audiences with impactful, measurable communications.

submitted by Irwin,Hipsman, Director of Customer Experience

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