3 Tips for Making Content Creation Easier

3 Tips for Making Content Creation Easier
April 27, 2011

If you’re responsible for creating content, then you know that the quality of your content correlates directly with viewing results and impact. Gone are the days of just slapping material together or ‘winging it’. Your content has to be attention-grabbing, timely, and well-organized, not to mention, directed to the right audience.

What is a content creator, without a background in content or instructional design, to do?

Let’s review 3 things you can do to create better content whether you’re posting to a blog, website, or uploading to Brainshark:

First, do your research.

Your content must be directed to your audience. Since your audience can change with each communication you create, you’ve got to get focused on just who you’re speaking to every time you start to write.

You might be groaning right now. In fact, I think I can hear you. Trust me – I’ve been there and I want to make it easy on you. All you need to do is ask a few simple questions to get started:

What is my audience really looking for? (This is the whole point of your communication: meet that need.)

What would drive my audience crazy (in a bad way)? And therefore, what should I avoid?

What biases does my audience have? Expectations? Pains? Meet their expectations. Ease their pain. And address those biases before they influence any decisions. Also, check your terminology; speak in terms your audience understands and can relate to.

Thankfully, you don’t have to solve the world’s problems in your communication. But, if you don’t solve those of your audience, then what’s the point?

Next, follow a consistent process every time.

You hear it all the time. Regardless of whether it is childrearing, training for a sporting event, or communicating something important, being consistent is the key. And in communication, it will help both you AND your audience members. They know what to expect from you, and you can keep improving your game.

And Last: Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice: the key to everything, right? I know: now I’m groaning too.

You’ve heard this one before too: the more you do something, the easier it gets. And practicing the same process makes it even easier to get fantastic at it!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t despair! Just take it a step at a time.

There are also content creation tips on the web. Here are ten tips if you’re trying to create an effective website, for example.

For our Brainshark users, there is plenty here to help. The tutorials and downloadable attachments in the Create Content section of the Help and Training site can help you start to finish. And if you stick to using them every time, it WILL get easier. I promise.

Have a tough project you’re working on? Give it your best and then send it to us. We’ll review your presentation focused on 10 specific areas and provide feedback.

Using the comments section, share YOUR biggest content creation challenge. Then, subscribe to this blog and you just might see a future post addressing your need.