A Creative Use of a Webinar Replay

August 29, 2011 | Irwin Hipsman
A Creative Use of a Webinar Replay

There are many strategies for handling webinar replays. One is hitting the record button when the webinar begins and distributing the entire recording, while another might include some minor editing to delete unneccesary slides and perhaps a re-recording of the opening and closing. Some will re-recording the entire webinar with the subject matter expert for the replay audience. If you do choose to re-record, expect the length to be half as long as the live webinar, which will benefit your audience greatly.

Recently, we participated with the Marketing Cloud in a webinar highlighting how it's 10 partners (including Brainshark) bring value to the world of demand generation. The partners specialize in attracting, engaging, and converting prospects into customers. Each partner was given 5 minutes to showcase how their solution solves a common marketing pain. This turned out to be a 100+ slide presentation. Navigation is a typical webinar replay challenge, and by having 10 mini-presentations, finding a partner could be a nightmare. We solved it by doing two things in the Brainshark presentation:

1-    Adding Chapter Titles to the Table of Contents.

2-    Using the Add a Survey Question before and after each of the mini-presentations.

  • By using the Branching feature, we're able to list the 10 presentations and the viewer can easily jump around to the Cloud partner they want to learn about.

Click on the lnk below and by adding "&sld=3" as shown below, it takes the viewer right to slide 3, the survey question with branching.  


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