Announcing Our Newest Non-Profit Grants

August 16, 2011 | Irwin Hipsman
Announcing Our Newest Non-Profit Grants

Four times per year, Brainshark awards grants to non-profit organizations. These grants are for a 1-year license to use Brainshark Standard Edition along with implementation services. The recipients this quarter are the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations in Baton Rouge and Community Services for Children in Allentown, PA.

Though they are very different organizations, they effectively highlighted the need to train their constituencies, in their applications.

Having identified Brainshark as a solution for their online and on-demand training needs, LANO plans to provide an elegant way of educating nonprofit leaders in the state. They see this as being an exciting channel for communicating benefits to their members and for telling the story of the non-profit sector through their research and advocacy. LANO will share best practices and lessons learned with other state associations through the National Council of Nonprofits.

According to CSC, Brainshark would be their asynchronous learning system. On-line courses would be developed and shared with appropriate CSC staff, childcare providers, child-related professionals and parents. As a leader in childhood services, CSC is also engaged in advocacy and they would use Brainshark to connect with various constituents including volunteers, legislators, and funders.

We encourage customers to invite non-profits they work with to apply here.

Below is a quick video on our grant program and application process:

View the presentation in a separate window.

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