How Brainshark Changed Communications Delivery For a Large High-Tech Provider

How Brainshark Changed Communications Delivery For a Large High-Tech Provider
August 5, 2011

I create internal communications for a team of people that represent all continents of the globe.   My two major challenges are:  getting the attention of extremely busy people and delivering content that can be customized so the recipient can easily access the bits that are directly relevant to their interest and location.

Before I had the idea to use Brainshark, I used HTML emails to deliver our global team newsletter.  These emails were unbelievably long and although we could tell how many people looked at it, we had no way of knowing how much time they spent reading it and if anyone got through the full contents. 

Yet, the news we have to share is important, so finding a way to make the content easier to digest and more interactive is key. When I learned about Brainshark, light bulbs and fireworks started popping in my head!  Now, I had a way to really capture attention and let people skip to content they wanted to see and hear as they wish!

My process for switching the newsletter to Brainshark was painless!  I created a slide for each guest speaker I wanted to invite to give an update and uploaded it into Brainshark.  Then, I sent each speaker a request to add their voice through the Brainshark tool, which automatically provided instructions for the speaker on what they needed to do.  After I got the notification that the recordings were complete, I added graphics with timed animations to match up with what the speaker said.  I even included a survey at the end for the audience to provide feedback on which slides were valuable to them and which they thought could use improvement.  The new newsletter turned out better than I even imagined during my flashes of light bulbs and fireworks!

I did have a few technical questions throughout the process and am pleased to report that the Brainshark support team is very knowledgeable, friendly and even go out of their way to help with questions that might seem outside their scope, by providing PowerPoint and firewall tips, in addition to walking me through some of the Brainshark functionality.

We’ve seen a tremendous spike in uptake in readership using the Brainshark format over the HTML-based emails.  So, in my opinion, the ROI is off the charts!  The few minutes from each team member to provide content, and the little time I spent with the graphics and animations resulted in a communication that people actually consumed and enjoyed!  (We’ve received quite a few accolades!)

Brainshark’s rich reporting gives me insight into viewer behavior that I didn’t have access to before.  I can see which portions of the content are most popular and who is viewing what.  This information is super valuable in helping me to fine-tune future messaging.

So, if you've been thinking about making the switch to Brainshark for your communications delivery, my advice is to absolutely go for it!  You won’t be disappointed and you may even stand out a shining star for doing so!