Large Pharmaceutical Firm Goes Mobile with Brainshark

Large Pharmaceutical Firm Goes Mobile with Brainshark
August 25, 2011

With so many options out there for publishing content of all kinds, sometimes it’s hard to sort out the best options with each promising to excel at one task while perhaps lacking in another; similar to choosing the best device for a task. For example, while playing games on your phone may be alright for short sessions, it’s not ideal for long marathons.

Having a sizable mobile sales force and also a large audience at headquarters meant we needed to find something that offered flexibility for our remote customers, but also provided solid features for our corporate viewers. Faced with two very different lists of needs, we had to choose whether to go with two separate delivery solutions, or find one that meets both sets of requirements with possible compromises. Much to our surprise and relief, we found Brainshark, the perfect “gaming phone”. Offering solid, easy-to-use features for our corporate audience while also providing enhancements and options for our remote users, it’s the perfect blend of usability (phone features) and excitement (movies and games).

Providing an interface easy enough for users to feel comfortable uploading their own content cut down on our support needs, but also offering features like mobile applications, tracking, and a consistent look appealed to our sales team. Enabling anyone to upload their presentations or other materials into Brainshark gave them a new way to reach their customers, both internal and external. Brainshark gives them a platform that’s consistent across the company, lets them add audio without being experts in sound mastering, and gives them near one-button publishing. With the sales force, we are able to use more advanced features such as the tracking and polling, and can offer them a variety of formats for viewing on their laptops or smart phones. The new dynamic QR code is just the most recent example of Brainshark adding new features for us to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Some of the projects uploaded so far include presentations from our sales, information technology, human resources, fleet, and legal departments, just to name a few. One of the most recent projects was capturing an application training demo in Adobe Captivate – including audio – and publishing it as a Flash movie for uploading to Brainshark. By using Brainshark, we were able to e-mail and post the link, reaching a wider audience than simply posting it to our intranet. We also now had detailed viewer tracking and provided the familiar Brainshark interface to lower barriers to learning.