McKesson Strengthens Its RFI Process with Brainshark

McKesson Strengthens Its RFI Process with Brainshark
August 23, 2011

At McKesson IT, ‘success’ is defined as bringing to our Business Units the right technology capabilities at the right time, at the right price. Central to achieving that goal is finding a fit between the needs of our business and the capabilities of vendors. We use the RFI process (Request for Information) regularly to have that dialogue. Through the use of Brainshark, we've recently GREATLY improved the productivity of this process – for both us and the vendors.

Historically, RFIs have been tedious processes – we’d spend a lot of (not fun) time writing a Word doc and the vendors would spend a lot of (not fun) time responding with a Word doc, chock-full of boilerplate text. Any collaboration/communication we’d achieve would almost be in spite of the exchange of this information.

What a different experience when you use Brainshark!

Since we’re able to couple content WITH voiceover, it’s so much easier for us to tell the McKesson story and REALLY communicate the essence of our needs. I’ve found that the vendors are delighted to receive this type of RFI – it signals that we are a motivated and “interesting” buyer, and encourages them to respond with a creative effort from their ‘A’ team. After all, it’s hard to respond with useless, standard copy against a creative Brainshark and expect to get the business. If I need some additional insight, I can also use the tracking data from a guestbook or view receipt to assess who’s likely to be a serious respondent.

At the end of the day, Brainshark really broadens the amount of people who can participate in the experience on both sides because it’s much more inviting and engaging to watch a short, interactive video instead of reading through pages of drivel. The situation is truly a win-win. Instead of the classic RFI process, where both the buyers and sellers write text they don’t enjoy writing and have a real lack of understanding in each other’s value and status, a much more entertaining and communicative experience is delivered.