myBrainshark Is Your ResumeShark

myBrainshark Is Your ResumeShark
August 11, 2011

Ever wanted to have a mobile, interactive version of your resume? Imagine while you network, interview, or attend career fairs, to have the ability to show off your skills, projects, portfolio, and video references all from your, resume, smart phone or tablet PC. Also, think how impressive and memorable you would be to someone meeting hundreds of folks trying to impress them. myBrainshark should be called MyResumeShark and is one of the best tools for anyone trying to stick out among other job seekers. Since it’s free you can’t afford not to use it.

myBrainshark combines PowerPoint style presentations, voice over, video, downloads, and other tools to create the ultimate interactive resume that takes your resume to the next step.

Ready to make one? Gather the following:

Create a short, 30 second “this is me in a professional nutshell” video of yourself dressed to impressed. Make sure your personality shines -- it’s the person who fits with the company's culture most employers are looking for since the hundreds of other resumes they have received are qualified and have similar skill sets.

Create a short PowerPoint or a Google presentation of your overall achievements, qualifications and other items you would put in a cover letter. This can include any graphic representations, portfolio add in’s or anything you want to show off! Make it a brief overview – just enough to entice them to need to know more and contact you.

2 short referrals – 15 second to 20 seconds of a co-worker, client or other person who you have worked with recommending you on a professional level.

A PDF version of your current resume but edited so you feel comfortable posting it online. Remove your personal address and use a service like Google Voice for a contact number.

Optional: Link to a personal branded professional site, portfolio or Linked-In page.

Create a free account at myBrainshark and start creating your ResumeShark by following the basic guides and videos they provide and make sure the finished product flows in the order outlined above by using the guide below:

  1. Add a video slide for your introduction

  2. Upload your PowerPoint for the next few slides

    1. Create a script to add your voice to PowerPoint slides- make it fun and upbeat

  3. Add one to two more video slides for the referral videos

  4. Add a slide with contact info such as:

    1. your email address,

    2. a download of your resume via PDF

    3. link to your Linked-In profile and twitter

Once you have the ResumeShark completed have a friend or two proof it, give feed back and critique. Make changes if needed and publish on myBrainshark and send to YouTube if you choose from with one click!

Other Great Ideas:

  • If you have a iPhone, Android phone or tablet download the Brainshark App so you can show your content to anyone any time!

  • Create a QR code of the link to

    • put on your resume in a corner

    • print on cards if you choose

This post originally appeared on Chad's blog, The Job Salesman here.