National Benefit Partners Uses Brainshark for Benefits Enrollment

National Benefit Partners Uses Brainshark for Benefits Enrollment
August 19, 2011

Our most recent successful use of the Brainshark technology was to conduct a voluntary employee benefits enrollment for a company. This company had strict restrictions on the enrollment and would not allow us to visit with each employee to explain the new benefit offering. Typical voluntary benefit enrollments consists of group meetings with face-to-face interaction with the employees. This is necessary because it is 100% paid for by the employee and they need to thoroughly understand the value and protection it brings them and their family.  

Since we didn’t have this type of access to the employees, we decided to create a Brainshark presentation that included a video that went over the highlights of the benefit offering, the reason why they should participate, and action steps on how to sign-up. We incorporated the link to the online enrollment system at the end of the presentation so that it was easy for the employees to sign-up after viewing the presentation.

We sent this to over 500 employees and most of them viewed it the first time it was sent. We followed that up with another Brainshark presentation that reminded them that they had until the end of the month to participate under the guaranteed issue offer.  We used the tools within Brainshark to track the results and sent out reminder emails for those who hadn’t viewed it yet. We also incorporated the guest book feature for those wanting to speak with a benefit specialist over the phone or if they wanted more information sent to them.

Although it wasn’t the ideal enrollment conditions we strive to get, Brainshark allowed us to maximize the access we did have and turned it into a successful enrollment. If we didn’t have access to this type of technology, we probably would have passed on the opportunity as it would have been too expensive and difficult to do. Thankfully we had Brainshark!