Protective Life Insurance Uses Brainshark to Enable Its Wholesalers

Protective Life Insurance Uses Brainshark to Enable Its Wholesalers
August 3, 2011

My company uses Brainshark online presentations in several ways, but one of the easiest, most effective ways we use them is for our new wholesalers to introduce themselves to their territory via email.  It’s a great way for our wholesalers to add a personal touch that will resonate with the advisor, more so than just a generic introductory video.  In our industry, this is so important because a good wholesaler-advisor relationship is essential to doing business. 

To do this, we set up a template, have the wholesaler call in to record their audio, and then send their link in an email.  In one example, a wholesaler experienced over a 30% open rate and 10% click-through rate on the email – stats that are much higher than what we see on average for our other email communications. 

 ^Example Presentation from Wholesaler

In working for a highly regulated industry and with many financial services companies “behind the curve” on some electronic initiatives, this has been an easy and cost-effective way for us to introduce multi-media presentations to our distribution and help legitimize our brand.  We’re often working on limited resources and with a leaner staff to execute campaigns, and Brainshark has given us the tools to create multi-media presentations without involving an expensive outside vendor.