Some (Business) Lessons Learned from Shark Week

Some (Business) Lessons Learned from Shark Week
August 8, 2011

Now that another Shark Week has passed us by, we Brainsharks wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on the mind-blowing experience. After ingesting a multitude of shark facts, we couldn’t help but notice that there are a lot of shark characteristics that would be of great use in the business world. Just check out some Great White tidbits Allison Wahl, Brainshark CSR, discovered. To summarize:

  1. Great Whites are well known for their power, yet they are incredibly flexible. They’re capable of bending almost in half to catch prey.

  2. They’re also known for their speed and stability.

  3. Great Whites can adapt to a range of waters and temperatures.

  4. Their senses are attuned to catching prey and determining if the prey is worth eating or not. Upon the first bite, they can tell if the composition of the prey warrants the energy to make the kill.

  5. They are capable of hunting alone and in groups.

  6. They dive to great depths to get their prey.

  7. They are also known for stalking their prey.

  8. Great Whites typically swim with teeth bared and stand their ground.

  9. They will keep attacking until the prey is theirs.

Now for the human business skills translation, respectively:

  1. Strong will and clout are great tools to have, but being able to compromise earns respect and often leads to a better outcome. Have the strength to back up your decisions; just don’t have tunnel-vision while making them.

  2. Timeliness and moving forward against your competition or with your own initiatives is crucial but make sure your forward motion is sustainable and won’t veer you out of control.

  3. Being able to adapt is what separates the weak from the strong. Be ready no matter what the weather brings.

  4. Oh, the wisdom! Prioritize. Know what’s worth your time and what isn’t. Be able to tell the difference between an interesting idea and an opportunity worth pursuing.

  5. Get your job done and get it done well, but never forget that there is no “I” in “Team”. Being able to work well with others is the base line to any resume that makes music.

  6. That’s right; sometimes you have to go that extra mile. It may not always work out, but in the long-run, it makes the difference between a champion and a one-hit-wonder.

  7. Keep in touch. If a sale doesn’t go through or if a contact falls off the radar, work to keep them close. Avoid burning bridges because you never know how a relationship can pay off later.

  8. Modesty is always appreciated, but don’t sell yourself short. If you do your job well, be confident in what you do and be sure to smile while doing it…especially if you have nice teeth.

  9. Salespeople will get this one. You have to be persistent to persevere. Whether it’s a viable client or goal, don’t abandon your hopes of achievement if you come across obstacles.

That was basically a semester of business school right there. Hopefully the sharks don’t overcharge on the tuition. Do you have a shark skill you think is good for the business world? Please share in the comments!

Special thanks to our new Customer Success Representative Allison Wahl for inspiring and helping with the post!