The Brainshark Training Impact

The Brainshark Training Impact
August 9, 2011

“In the day” as they say, we all went to a corporate training meeting once or twice a year. Sometimes it was at a Division Convention meeting or the National Convention.  Either way, the time we spent in training was taken away from our schedule and often conflicted with other things we wanted to do.

Today we have options, as Stewards in the SCCA are becoming more comfortable with the Internet, interacting via email, and viewing video on websites like YouTube.  What if we could merge our training needs and use the internet to let you take training when YOU wanted to take it?  Well that’s the concept we have proven in a testbed with by developing an example for the Executive Stewards to consider.

We did this for many reasons to augment the training options for Stewards.  It is important to note we are not replacing all training with the Internet. But SCCA benefits for many reasons:

  • Cost savings. Meeting and travel-related expenses are drastically reduced (by as much as 95%) when even just a portion of live face-to-face and web-based meetings and training sessions are replaced by Brainshark. That’s money saved for you and SCCA.

  • Reduced environmental impact. Using Brainshark to communicate has a minimal impact on the environment. When compared with driving or flying to a meeting, it is up to 21 times less carbon intensive (calculations provided by ICF International.)  It also saves a lot of paper and binders when you have access to the on-line information wherever you are.

  • Increased satisfaction.  Delivering important information in Brainshark’s anytime, anywhere video format improves our knowledge and allows “just in time” training. For example, before we tackle an assignment for the first time – or after a long gap in time since we last performed an assignment.  This means greater support for you and productive use of your time.

Using Brainshark, we proved that we can deliver a slide deck just like you’d see in a meeting with simple voice narration. The user can see video examples of incidents, download reports and even take quizzes.  The great thing is you just browse to the training module like you would go to any other website.  No special software is needed – just your computer, an Internet connection and some time.

While we work on the final product, please go to myBrainshark and poke around to see how easy it is to use.  Heck, search some of the many training modules already there on a subject you’re interested in – you’ll discover a whole new world of learning!

This post initially appeared on the Stewards4SCCA blog here.