The Homepage Just Got Smarter

The Homepage Just Got Smarter
August 18, 2011

Trying to remember that Brainshark presentation you viewed recently? Now, you can get quick access to your personal viewing history on the home page! When you visit the home page, you’ll now see a small blue pop-up in the lower right corner that reads “My Recently Viewed Brainsharks.” (See image below.)


Just click on the pop-up and a new tab in the footer will appear showing thumbnails for all the Brainshark presentations you’ve viewed recently using the same computer and browser. It also works with smartphone and tablet browsers.  In addition to the thumbnails, you can also see information about the presentation including the title, author, length, and the date you last viewed it.  Just click a thumbnail to play the presentation!


This feature is also available at any time from the footer navigation. There’s also a checkbox to turn off the home page pop-up if you prefer.

“My Recently Viewed Brainsharks” is a unique feature that adds convenience (and a personal touch) for Brainshark customers and viewers. It was built using the Brainshark SDK & API’s along with consulting help from MK3 Creative.  

By the way, access to your recently viewed Brainsharks is also available within the Brainshark player itself.  Just click the   icon in the lower right corner of the player, right next to the Tools & Help (“?”) icon.   So now you have two places you can go to access your personal viewing history!

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