Wolters Kluwer Makes Webinars Quicker with Brainshark

Wolters Kluwer Makes Webinars Quicker with Brainshark
August 15, 2011

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I wanted to share with you how Brainshark saved me a solid 8 hours of labor intensive work.  Whenever we do a significant release of our software/tools, we do a couple of  live customer webinars (one for internal and one to educate our customers ).

After that, I create a Brainshark to post for customers and staff who couldn’t attend the live webinar to ensure all are up to date on our new enhancements and features.  In the past, I would record each segment, edit it, upload it to Brainshark, and narrate over it.  It looked great but it took a long time to edit and assemble before posting.

We use Live Meeting as our web conferencing tool.  About a month ago, I learned of the Brainshark Live Meeting Gateway and had it enabled on our site.  This was magical.   Now, with the Live Meeting gateway in Brainshark, the customer presentation is brought directly in with individual slides already.  Everything is DONE from the initial customer webinar.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  It literally saved me an entire day of editing and production of a training webinar.