5 Ways to Use Brainshark for Trade Show Success

5 Ways to Use Brainshark for Trade Show Success
December 5, 2011

Last week, I blogged about an idea that has consistently produced over 30%, and even over 40% clickthroughs to the post-show followup emails we send.

As you think about how to increase the ROI of your trade show investment in 2012, here are 5 ideas for using Brainshark to increase the impact of your trade show presence.

-          Booth Staff Briefings – for Sales staff and others that will be manning the booth at your events, use Brainshark to update them on the show schedule and logistics, provide a video of how to set up the exhibit, and inform them of what they should know about the audience, and key messages to emphasize. 

-          Pre-Show Outreach – if you know who the likely attendees will be, start nurturing them before you get there. On site, you can spend less time talking with delegates on the basics of what you do, and more time in consultative conversations about their business goals.

-          QR Codes On Your Signage and Collateral – Signage with a QR code can attract and engage passers-by, especially if there’s an incentive for them to scan the QR code on display.   With print collateral, make it easy for people to scan to see & hear and share your message… because who really reads those data sheets anyways?

-          Post-Show Followup – see my post from last week for a creative idea to get high-clickthroughs. Attendees expect that you will be following up with them after the event, so make the most of this nurturing opportunity with not just a thank-you but another educational touch.

-          Follow-up Messaging Training – who is first to follow-up with the names you collect at a show? Often, those individuals were not at the show themselves. Do a quick Brainshark to train your teams on the specifics of the event – what was the persona of the attendees or the timely issues that attendees discussed? Enable your follow-up teams to hit a homerun with an approach that resonates and converts those leads into sales opportunities!