7 Ways Video Improves Channel Partner Training

7 Ways Video Improves Channel Partner Training
December 20, 2011

Claire Schooley’s July 2011 Forrester report “Informal Learning Garners Acceptance As A Legitimate Learning Approach” states that traditional training methods are not meeting the needs of our extended workforce, including our partners. She recommends an informal learning approach that integrates short videos into overall corporate training strategies.

By incorporating video into your channel partner training and onboarding, you’ll obtain these benefits:

  • More effective learning. Studies have shown that people retain 65% of materials that combine voice and visuals as compared to only 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they see or read.

  • Content delivery in today’s preferred medium. YouTube is 2nd only to Google as the most popular method of searching for and consuming informal training. Video is easy to access and search while on the road from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

  • Just-in-time learning.  Learning at the time of need is often the most effective and remembered type of training.  Video provides on-demand, just-in-time training anytime and anywhere a partner needs it, like right before a sales call. 

  • Higher impact. We’ve all experienced the impact of a memorable photo or image.  Video is even more compelling.  You can depict real-life demonstrations and customer selling situations that partners can relate to AND repeat.

  • Ability to easily revisit training. Video enables partners to quickly review and refresh their product knowledge on-the-go – translating to more sales.

  • Better time management for Channel Account Managers.  Use video to deliver content such as policies, programs, product features and benefits – and let your channel account managers focus their time on working with partners to build sales.

  • More effective measurement.  With Brainshark video presentations, detailed tracking and reporting provides the information for you to effectively measure your partners’ engagement and learning.

Check out this blog article to see more, How Brainshark Enables Channel Partners at EMC, by Cathy Kenneally, Quality Program Manager at EMC. Cathy discusses the benefits of using video to make training easier for partners, while helping her to save time and money.

Also, here is a good example of video for partner training from BASF Clearfield:

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Do you have experience using video and informal learning in your channel strategy?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.