A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Brainshark Support Team

December 08, 2011 | Rosemary Fedorchak
A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Brainshark Support Team

We pride ourselves on being one of the best support teams you’ll ever encounter. It’s our goal to make sure your Brainshark authoring or viewing experience remains as smooth as possible. We have a team of dedicated engineers with extensive experience and the know-how to ensure that you will always have someone to turn to for support at no additional charge.

Let’s be honest, these are all words you’ve heard before, right? Why don’t you let us show you why our Support Team stands out?

Our support team is divided into two experienced and knowledgeable teams. 

Our Technical Support Engineers offer troubleshooting services regarding creating and viewing Brainsharks. You can expect detailed answers to your technical questions, troubleshooting of any error messages, viewing issues or reporting issues and technical insight into creating audio, video and other content for your Brainshark presentations. Should anything concerning come up, rest assured the Technical Support Engineers will work with you until a mutually agreeable conclusion is reached.

But our support extends beyond our technical know-how and troubleshooting services to offer you Brainshark best practices, help with how-to questions for using Brainshark, and offering support and guidance while you create your presentations. 

Our dedicated Customer Success Representatives are here to answer your questions about how to use Brainshark. You don’t need to wait until you have a problem to call us.  We are here to answer your questions about how to add a slide, replace your audio, add your animation timings, or run the best report to get the information you are looking for.  We are here to provide you best practices on creating a presentation specifically for Brainshark.  We are here to provide feedback on any newly created presentations through our FREE Presentation Success Reviews.  We’ve even introduced our new Office Hours Webinar Series led by our CSR team.  Each session of our Office Hours webinar will include a 15-minute use case presentation, a 15-minute overview of how to optimize your use of the particular topic, and 15-minute Q&A session with the CSR team.  All of this and more to ensure your success.

You can even check out the "Support" tag on the Ideas Blog to help get you going. 

We are all here, in short, to ensure that you are successful from beginning to end with your Brainshark use. If you have any questions about Brainshark, we want our Support Team to be the first call you make.

Contact Brainshark Customer Support Monday - Friday 8am through 9pm Eastern Time excluding major U.S. holidays. We can be reached in any of the following ways:

Phone: 781-370-8222

Email: support@brainshark.com

Online form or chat

Search the Knowledgebase

Visit our Support page

Submit your presentation for free feedback

Sign up for our Office Hours

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