SlideShark Presenter Tools: Laser Pointer and Hide Slides

December 06, 2011 | David Klein
SlideShark Presenter Tools: Laser Pointer and Hide Slides

(UPDATE: Guess what -- we've added more stuff! Check out our SlideShark topic page for details on the latest SlideShark features and releases, including support for the iPhone and iPod touch!)

We continue to improve SlideShark for all situations, and this past version update is no exception!  Version 1.3 includes a few key features for presenters, as well as some subtle usability improvements.

Now you see them…

You’re about to run into an afternoon meeting to present the latest slides of “the big idea.”  But the audience that you’re presenting to shouldn’t see a few of the slides that the morning group saw.  Now, with the latest version of SlideShark (1.3) you can hide those slides right before your meeting, and make them visible right afterwards.

From your catalog, tap the thumbnail of the presentation you want to edit.  On the Preview screen, tap the EDIT button. 

From here, tapping a slide will hide it in your presentation or make it visible if already hidden. 

Please note that your slides will also be hidden in your Preview screen and in the Slide Tray.



Now that you have everyone’s attention, you want to ensure that their focus is in the right place.  Using the laser pointer, you can direct their eyes to the key points on your slides. 

While presenting your slides, press-and-hold your finger anywhere on the iPad where you would like the focus to be. A red laser pointer will appear and follow your finger as long as it remains on the screen.  While using the laser pointer, the presentation will remain still.  Take your finger off the screen and the laser pointer will disappear and your presentation can continue.

Faster, Stronger, Better

We noticed that if you have a presentation with a large quantity of slides, there was a slight delay when attempting to present.  We’ve improved the performance of the building of these lists.  We’re always trying to make the app more streamlined to ensure an optimal experience.

Tell the world!

Lastly, thank you so much for telling your friends and colleagues about SlideShark.  To make it even easier to share your recommendation, we’ve included an improved way to tell your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn network about Slideshark.  You’ll see it by simply tapping the Settings icon in the app.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve been getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the community.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  Keep those emails coming and we’ll keep developing more of the product.

SlideShark is honored to be up for a Mashable Award.  Please help us win #1 Most Useful Tablet-based App by voting here.

Speak to you again very soon for another exciting product update.

David Klein

Product Director

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