The Best Ideas Blog Posts of 2011

The Best Ideas Blog Posts of 2011
December 21, 2011

As the year is wrapping up, we took a few moments to scan what the Ideas Blog has churned out over the course of 2011. Amongst a variety of categories and topics, from Brainshark authors as well as guests and customers, we picked out a small handful that we thought would be good to put in front of you once again. These posts were chosen based on their popularity at the time of initial publication, relevance, how they fit into the major categories we know you love, and simply put, just how good they are.

Content Marketing

3 Tips for Making Content Creation Easier

3 Steps to Developing Magnetic Content Marketing Topics

The Content Marketing Shift: Selling is not on your terms anymore 

Getting 46% Click-Throughs on Your Follow-Ups with a Prize-in-the-Cereal-Box Approach 

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Better Presentations

Taking Your Brainshark Recordings to the Next Level 

animations, Animations, ANIMATIONS 

Cut it Out: Using Screenshots in Brainshark

Great Presentation Creation Tips from the Presentation Revolution 

3 Effective Presentation Apps to Add to Your Toolkit

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New QR Code Feature Overview & 9 Resources to Get Inspired 

Add Your Brainshark to LinkedIn (2 min Tutorial)

How To: Create an Effective Landing Page for your Business

The Perfect Time to Launch an Email Campaign

How To Create a Textual Video Infographic 

Creating Quality Training Videos In-House: Cheap, Fast, and Efficient

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Social Media

Does Facebook Make Sense for a B2B Business

myBrainshark is Your ResumeShark

Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense for Small and Large Businesses

A 7-Minute Guide to Facebook Security

Using Video and Social Media: A Town Recovers from Economic Disaster

On that note, there are tons of other great posts on other super important topics on the Ideas Blog that didn’t quite make this short list, so if one of your favorites isn’t listed, be sure to leave a link and/or title in the comments. This would be useful for us as well as anyone who saves this post as a resource.

Thanks to all of the contributors and readers this year. We hope to have an even better showing in 2012. Happy Holidays!