Mobile Media Made Easy for Marketing^* Selling and Learning [Webinar Replay]

December 22, 2011 | Jay Wilder
Mobile Media Made Easy for Marketing^* Selling and Learning [Webinar Replay]

I recently had the pleasure of joining the discussion on Webinar Wednesdays, a weekly series on business mobile strategy and best practices hosted by Mark Rice, Managing Director of Webinar Resources and Peter Muir, President of Bizucate.

The topic was “Mobile Media Made Easy for Marketing, Selling and Learning.”  Joining me was Tom Scontras, VP of Sales and Marketing at Glance Networks, who delivered some great information on social and mobile.

Leading things off, Tom provides insight into The Social Mobile Future which is already with us to a great degree today. He provides a framework for understanding the opportunities and challenges that now exist with well-educated consumers researching and sharing information about your brand and products 24x7. The result is a shift in power and control, which businesses need to recognize and quickly adapt to. Tom offers an understandable framework for transitioning to a customer acquisition strategy that puts content marketing, social media, and mobile as top priorities going forward.

Following up on Tom’s segment, I discuss how video can play a key role in your mobile and social strategy. This assertion is based on video’s ability to communicate across device types and screen sizes while maintaining the integrity of your message as it’s shared across social media. Also, since video can now be created quickly and inexpensively, while still achieving professional results, it is a timely and cost-effective destination for your mobile campaigns using QR codes and SMS text codes.

I cover the types of videos and placements you should consider for your business and distribution points channels through your website, blog and campaigns via email, mobile, and social.

Enjoy this webinar replay:

View presentation in a separate window.

Many thanks to Mark Rice, Peter Muir, and Tom Scontras for putting this together and having us join the discussion. You can check out all of the Webinar Wednesday events by clicking here.

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