What's your Presentation Resolution this Year?

What's your Presentation Resolution this Year?
December 30, 2011

From the Presentation Revolution tour all the way to our Presentation Resources page, our year has been filled with ways of getting our customers and readers to find better ways to communicate. In the spirit of the New Year, we asked customers, friends, and employees to share some of their Presentation Resolutions for 2012. They all seem like good ideas to us:

"I resolve to convince more of my clients to stop numbering their slides. Since PowerPoint is primarily a visual, on-screen medium, calling attention to the passage of time by including sequential slide numbering is pointless. To the audience, PowerPoint presentations are measured in the length of time it takes to deliver them, not the number of slides they contain."

~ Laura M. Foley, Cheater of Death by PowerPoint, Laura M. Foley Design 

“Say more with less and maximize visuals.”

~ Kathy Doherty, Experience Designer/Developer, Brainshark, Inc.

Expand overall usage of Brainshark presentations across my organization. Train and develop my colleagues across the organization to improve their presentation design skills so their Brainshark recordings are as dynamic as possible. Create and incorporate more video for learning and communication purposes into my recordings. Incorporate more Brainshark recordings into our company intranet portal for communication and training purposes.

~ Mike Schwartz, Project Manager, Training & Development, Cox Media Group

“My presentation resolution for 2012 is to collect great images and find a way to use them in presentations. “

~ Irwin Hipsman, Director of Customer Community, Brainshark, Inc. 

"Earmark adequate time to search for and use graphics that are interesting as well as informative. Best take away for me was that the visuals don’t have to be literal, but rather can symbolize the content."

~ Jeanne Cerulle, VIBE Specialist, Staples

“I resolve to continue my Sharkquest for having all Brainshark authors find the great audio delivery that is inside each of them.  All it takes is three things: good scripting, familiarity with the script and enthusiasm in the delivery of the message.”

~ Pat Kelly, Director of Professional Services Operations & Solution Delivery, Brainshark, Inc.

"For 2012, I would like to move more from 'what' to 'so what' in any of my presentations."

~ Carmen Taran, Co-Founder, Rexi Media 

"I resolve to encourage my Brainshark authors to incorporate animations in all of their presentations."

~ Marlen Johnson, Project Manager - SME, Brainshark, Inc.

"I resolve to use less text on my slides, use better visuals, and write better scripts.  I want our learners to have a better experience with our online training."

~ Jim Rocha, Training Manager, May Institute

"I intend to make sure that all my 2012 presentations 'Occupy' the mind.”

~ Abassie Koroma, Active Investor Education, TD Ameritrade

“I plan to make my presentations much more visually stimulating. The training class really helped me see how that can make a huge difference. “

~ Shelby Davis, Broker Services Manager, Structured Financial Associates

What's your Presentation Resolution? Does it sound like any of the ones above?