Brainshark + Ez Texting:SMS Mobile Video Marketing Made Easy

Brainshark + Ez Texting:SMS Mobile Video Marketing Made Easy
February 16, 2011

If you’ve been following our recent mobile news, you know that there’s a huge new opportunity for sharing your Brainshark content with mobile audiences on the go.  Supporting all major mobile platforms is fundamental to our philosophy of enabling authors to “Create Once, Share Anywhere.”  Today’s audiences want to view content when it’s convenient for them – on any device.  We’ve got playback covered – now let’s talk about an exciting new delivery option: SMS Campaiging and Keywords.

Introducing Ez Texting for SMS Text  (with video!) Campaigning

Today we’re excited to let you know about a great complementary service called Ez Texting for delivering your presentations and videos to your audiences on smart phones.  Ez Texting makes SMS marketing easy.  They’ve served over 50,000 customers ranging from small organizations to large Fortune 500 businesses.  There’s a lot that you can do with Ez Texting.  Text message marketing features like mobile coupons, keyword autoresponders, and efficient group messaging allow you to use Ez Texting to reach your customers wherever they are, at anytime.

myBrainshark + Ez Texting - How does it work? 

Here’s two examples:

  • SMS Keywords:  Text SHARK  to 313131 to see this in action (standard messaging rates apply).  To demonstrate this functionality, you'll receive back a message on your mobile phone with a link to the presentation about combining SMS and video, like this:

Above: example of using a keyword to generate an auto-response with a video/presentation link.  Try it by texting "Shark" to 313131.


  • SMS Campaigns:  This brief video presentation shows how simple it is to create a Brainshark Ez Texting SMS video campaign:


Ideas:  Your Next Event - How to Stand Out by using myBrainshark + Ez Texting

If you’re one of the hundreds of trade shows or conference presenters who run at-event Keyword campaigns, Brainshark and Ez Texting can take your campaign to the next level:

  • If you’re giving a presentation you can encourage your audience to text in your Keyword. Add a Brainshark link to your autoresponder and provide attendees with a narrated copy of your presentation.

  • If you’re organizing the event you can do the same, providing everyone at the conference with keynotes, promotional videos and more.

  • Use keywords at your booth so visitors can text it in to receive your video overview on their smartphone. 

Key Features

You can check out of all of Ez Texting’s features here, but I’ll review some of the key ones that grabbed my attention:

  1. You can upload your contacts and arrange them into groups for easy campaigning

  2. You can easily send out your text campaigns by composing your message, adding hyperlinks, and selecting recipients

  3. You can easily set up “Keywords” to allow your audience to sign up to your mobile mailing list or get instant text responses back for videos, SMS coupons, polling, contests…you name it! 

Signing Up for Ez Texting

Ez Texting offers a free trial with pre-loaded credits to get started!  From there, they offer affordable pay-as-you-go (where you can buy credits) and reasonable flat-rate monthly options based on how many messages you send per month.  They do not charge you for incoming responses to your campaigns and you can cancel or change your plan at any time – so it’s all very flexible.

To learn more about their pricing and plans, click here

URL shortening note for Brainshark users

Like Twitter, text messaging is all about packing a compelling message into a short space (160 characters to be exact).  I recommend that you shorten your links using a service like (free) to give you the most characters possible for your message.

Tracking/Reporting note for Brainshark users

You can append a “tracking code” to your Brainshark URL before sending it out through Ez Texting to “tag” your link with an identifier to show that the view came from your SMS text campaigning. 

  • Tracking codes are appended by adding ?tx= or &tx= plus the identifier (ie, SMS_Blast_4) to your Brainshark link

  • ?tx= is used for links where a “?” is not already in the URL strings and &tx= is used when a “?” is already in the URL string of your link

  • For myBrainshark Pro series users, you should use ?tx= with the landing page player and &tx= with the stand-alone player.

Hyperlink note for Brainshark users

Please note that presentations viewed on mobile devices are viewed as videos. Therefore, hyperlinks will not be clickable on your slides, as they can be for your online audiences.

Ready to go?

Try Ez Texting with myBrainshark to be there when and where your audience wants…with video and presentations that deliver impact and tracking!

Have you combined SMS and Brainshark yet?  Does this topic inspire any new ideas for 2011?  We would like to know.  Please post your comments and questions.