From Presentations to Conversations - Using Questions Polls and Surveys

From Presentations to Conversations - Using Questions Polls and Surveys
February 4, 2011

MyBrainshark allows the easy creation, sharing, and tracking of video presentations for online and mobile audiences.  Uploading PowerPoint slides and adding voice by phone or microphone is one of the most common ways to create content in myBrainshark.  But did you know myBrainshark offers a host of interactive question types for both free and Pro Series users?  

Adding interactivity into your video presentations is a powerful way to connect with your audience at the moment they're interested.  For marketers and sales people, interactive questions such as polls and surveys offer a way to gather feedback and validate interest. For trainers, questions can be used to test retention and certify understanding. In this post, I'm going to stick with the marketing and sales applications for now and offer some ideas on how you can go from presentations to conversations by using polls and surveys in your presentations. In my next post, I'll look at using questions for testing and certification.

To get started, let's first review the types of questions and associated features you can add into myBrainshark presentations:


  • Multiple Choice

  • True/False


  • Multiple Choice*

  • True/False

  • Rankings

  • Rating

  • Likert Scale

*Allows a fill-in response ("other:_________")

Testing** (Pro Trainer only - see overview):

  • Multiple Choice

  • True/False

  • Fill in the blank

  • Sequence

  • Matching

**Additional features include random question order, random answer selection order, # of attempts allowed, point values, completion criteria, and customized correct/incorrect feedback

Where can you add a question? 

1) You can add a question from your presentation landing page (while logged into myBrainshark):

2) You can also add a question from the Edit Presentation screen, under "Things You Can Do":


Questions create conversations.

Have you ever been in a conversation at dinner, on the phone or at a party where you just can't get a word in? Now think about conversations you've had with friends who are great listeners and always seem to know what to ask.  Two different worlds, right? In the first case, you'll probably try to avoid the same experience altogether the next time.  In the second case, questions and an interest in listening make up a big part of what we enjoy most about talking with our close friends, family, and associates. 

Now, turn your presentations into conversations.  

Take the next step and make your presentations interactive with your audience.  You'll keep your audience more engaged and you'll gain valuable insights into what's important to them.  You might find yourself surprised by what the data reports back.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that adding questions in myBrainshark is incredibly simple.  There is virtually no extra time commitment for what can be a big payoff in viewer retention and insight.

In the following presentation, we'll share with you:

  1. How to a add question 

  2. Where to place questions and why

  3. How to combine questions with myBrainshark Pro features to know who's responding and how

If you've already used questions, polls, and surveys before in myBrainshark, tell us if you've learned something unexpected about your audience.

If this is new for you, let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment or reaching out via Twitter (@mybrainshark).

I hope this was helpful for you.  In my next post, we'll look using questions for training applications.

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