New Year! New Features!

New Year! New Features!
January 14, 2011

January is off to a busy start in product development at Brainshark.  Our first release of the year scheduled for later this month will lay the groundwork for offering an unhooked SCORM package for those customers looking to use their Brainshark content through their LMS while offline.  We are also introducing a new ‘personal viewing history’ that will provide viewers with a quick way to see which Brainsharks they most recently watched, making them easy to find, review and share.  We’ll be talking more about these features in another update.

The other big news is that we are rolling out our new player and with it, five new question types!  Our new player takes advantage of the latest technologies, allowing us to really enhance the viewing experience with features like full screen viewing.

Because we are using this new technology, we are also able to deliver our new question types, including some that provide a ‘drag and drop’ experience to the viewer.   These will offer you greater flexibility and give you more ways to create compelling, interactive content.  The new question types include the following:

  • Fill in the Blank (examination)

  • Multiple Choice with ‘Other’  (survey)

  • Matching  (examination)

  • Sequence  (examination)

  • Likert Scale  (survey)

Once you have the new player enabled for your site, you will have access to these new question types.  Your company administrators will be notified before the new player and question types are turned on for your site.   If you have any questions please be sure to contact us at  You will be hearing from us over the next several weeks once your site is ready to go.

For more information on the new player and question types, please take a few minutes to watch this brief overview.