Supporting Internal Communications at Warner Bros.

Supporting Internal Communications at Warner Bros.
January 11, 2011

Scott Millward, Director of Learning and Organization Development at the Warner Bros. Learning Network, utilizes Brainshark across the enterprise.

I have been using Brainshark since three companies ago, so I have a history with the product. At Warner Bros., we use it across the organization.

Warner Bros. is committed to ensuring that employees know that their feedback is heard; it’s critical to Warner Bros.’ corporate strategy. One way we achieve that goal is through our employee survey. It’s important that people know that they can give feedback and that we respond. When we deliver the results, we do so with Brainshark, with our senior executives as authors. We have gotten the highest ROI from this, allowing us to have conversations we have never had before. It has allowed the exec to open doors and granted exposure they never had previously.

We also use Brainshark to deliver e-learning and tutorials through the Warner Bros. Learning Network, which matches people with the development needs they have. It’s been a quick and easy way for us to use some type of multimedia without going into full-blown film production, which of course we have the ability to do. But, also, people want their content when they want it, on demand. It’s helped us to do that.

Our IT group has used it to prime the pump before a big supply management meeting for the home entertainment division. The Brainshark that communicated the changes was sent before a live meeting, so that the meeting focused on a deeper discussion.

The mobile application has allowed us greater penetration than we would have had before. We have staff who are never at a computer. They’re on set, with no access. Or on location. Brainshark allows us to communicate with them through their phones.

Personally, I use it to socialize concepts with colleagues. It’s been tremendously useful in helping to prime key executives on development initiatives. It’s such a useful tool, tremendously versatile.