Where is that presentation...?

Where is that presentation...?
January 25, 2011
For those of us with a company Brainshark site, we are fortunate that we can take advantage of the Content Portal and easily find all the great Brainshark content that is available to us at our organization.  But what of other Brainsharks that have been sent to us or we’ve viewed over time?

Then there is an enormous audience of viewers who simply receive invitations to view Brainshark content, or follow links from blogs and websites.  These viewers lack the connection to a specific Brainshark site and often, find it difficult to go back and find content they had previously viewed.

To benefit all of these types of viewers, we are pleased to announce our new Personal Viewing History.  When viewing a Brainshark presentation, there will be an icon in the lower right corner of the player.  When clicked, the presentation in progress will pause, and up will pop a list of your previously viewed Brainshark content.   No need to dig through old email invitations or try to remember who sent you a link to that great presentation or rack your brain trying to remember what website you found it on.   Now your viewing history is right at your fingertips making it easy to revisit terrific Brainshark presentations to watch again or share with others.

For more information on this new functionality that will be available on Saturday January 29th, please watch this brief presentation.