10 Free Concept Slides from Indezine.com's Geetesh Bajaj

10 Free Concept Slides from Indezine.com's Geetesh Bajaj
July 8, 2011

10 free concept slides from Indezine.com’s Geetesh Bajaj

In today’s post we’re going to look at some pretty stunning concept slides from Geetesh Bajaj, the man and PowerPoint luminary behind Indezine.com.  Aside from being a great and seemingly constant world traveler, Geetesh also holds the highly coveted distinction of being a Microsoft MVP, or Most Valuable Professional. Today is quite a treat since we’ll get some stunning, downloadable PowerPoint inspiration that we can use right away from one of the best in the business.

About Concept Slides

According to Geetesh, concept slides are a broad term for ready-made slides that you can use in different scenarios to quickly add some pizzazz to your presentation. Some of these work well to create opening and closing slides, and others illustrate a concept, relationship, or idea.  They are pre-built so you can easily work with them by simply modifying the slide objects with your own text, colors, and images. Most of these are theme-aware and will coordinate in color and look, automatically, with the rest of your slides.

In the following presentation, you’ll see examples of the following concept slides (each is linked in the presentation to download from Indezine.com). While most of these slides were created by Geetesh and the in-house design team at Indezine.com, some were also submitted by Indezine readers:

  1. People animation

  2. Fading squares (with people)

  3. Animated headshots – Triangles

  4. Six segment circle (with image fill and as solid color)

  5. Triangle cycle

  6. Triangles on stage

  7. Zoom in, zoom out credits

  8. Feature list

  9. Animated scratch card to win!

  10. Airport flight schedule counter

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Enjoy using these concept slides in your own work.  Let us see examples of how you customized them!  Plus, give yourself a helping hand and sign up to the Indezine.com mailing list and connect on Facebook, Twitter etc.– it’s free and you’ll get inspiration like this all the time!