36 States^* myBrainshark^* and One Recruiter's Journey to Quality!

36 States^* myBrainshark^* and One Recruiter's Journey to Quality!
July 12, 2011

So you are shopping for your weekly groceries from your favorite retailer when you see a outgoing, excited and engaging person standing behind a table in the store handing out product samples, coupons or even recipe cards. You walk up the person greets you, hands you a sample, tells you a few facts about the product and you walk away with coupon in hand – and hopefully some of the product added to your cart.

I am a national recruiter for a company that provides these opportunities to every day folks. Our company is one of the largest in-store marketing agencies in the US and, without myBrainshark, we would not be able to meet our clients' needs by supplying enough event staff to execute these regional and national events. Let me tell you how myBrainshark saved my sanity, improved my time management, and helped to provide better qualified folks!

When I first started, we conducted daily phone conference calls -or preps- so folks interested in learning more about our company and our opportunities would get all the relative information to decide if our client events were a good fit for them. Keep in mind that to cut it here, you need basic culinary skills, the ability to stand for 6 hours, and some basic equipment you are willing to take with you. Add great people skills to professionally interact with store management and smile when a customer yells at you for saying “hi” and you can see our line of work is NOT for everyone.

I started searching for creative solutions on how to reach and better prep qualified folks and came across my most valuable tool. myBrainshark allowed me to record a basic script that was delivered on hour-long phone calls, upload a PowerPoint so that the audio was enhanced, and include links to our handbook/contractor paperwork so everyone who watched was able to have all the information.

The biggest benefit to our process was instant on-demand content on any desktop, laptop, smart phone, or web enabled device running ANY operating system! Now if folks on the west coast who could not make a 9:15 AM ET phone prep get the same material by clicking a link and have a BETTER experience than anyone who attended the phone prep because of the added content. I no longer spend my day calling, booking people into a prep and hoping they attend. I receive a record when someone visits – using the pro features- that includes a guest book and instant email notification showing what they completed. This allows me to only focus and work with people who are qualified and interested.

Needless to say I no longer give the option of a phone prep. I use the time I save to build relationships,  answer specific questions, access skills and find the best match for our programs. This quality check has garnered folks who work with us longer because they clearly understand everything about our company, events, and programs to make a better decision on if they want to work with us from the start.

Currently we are exploring myBrainshark training edition to create a module of our live prep in areas that we don’t hold live events to update our contractors on new requirements/procedures we are rolling out. I’m going to miss the travel but the thousands our company will save means bigger bonuses so I can travel for myself.

Give myBrainShark a shot for free and see how it can ramp up your process, put a high tech and high touch spin on your contact and wow your audience.

**This article originally appeared on Chad's blog and was republished here with his permission.