An Unforgettable Webinar with the Marketing Cloud [Webinar Replay]

An Unforgettable Webinar with the Marketing Cloud [Webinar Replay]
July 20, 2011

As part of the Summer Series of Webinars, Brainshark co-produced Unforgettable: Creating Memorable Content that Drives Demand in partnership with the Marketing Cloud.  The Marketing Cloud is a consortium of 11 cloud-based marketing services that make internal marketing functions more efficient and external marketing program more effective through Education, Connection and Inspiration. With more than 2,000 people registering, this was the largest webinar in Brainshark’s history.

The webinar kicked off with a 15-minute presentation by Chris Yeich of Bulldog Solutions about connecting your content to business goals and revenue generation.

Carmen Taran of RexiMedia followed up with a 45-minute talk on how to make your presentations, whether delivered in-person, via a live webinar or through an on-demand presentation more memorable. The slides that stood out for me were Carmen’s caution to avoid SGS (Stupid Generic Shots). The example used was related to the classic “Opportunity” slide. Which do you think gets the point across best?


Q&A with Carmen Taran

Q: I'd love to be more bizarre and unique with my content, but I'm marketing B2B and my audience is very traditional, conservative. I am not given a lot of flexibility from our "Brand guidelines" to be unpredictable. Any suggestions?

Carmen: Start small. It's harder to be bizarre or unique with an entire presentation or copy if all that the client expects and designer has created is traditional. If you deliver a presentation, add a touch of uniqueness just in the beginning and end. If it's just a one-page presentation, add a touch of bizarreness in the picture or one brief sentence at the end. Once those small changes become acceptable, it becomes easier to be even bolder next time.

Q: Many companies have "imagery/graphic brand guidelines" that don't allow for the level of originality you suggest. How can I get around this?

Carmen: Originality and corporate branding do not have to be mutually exclusive. Typically, a corporate template has elements such as logos, shapes, lines, perhaps a background. The areas around these elements allow for spaces that can be filled with creative components. If the existence of corporate accessories feels limiting, keep in mind that limitations lead to creativity. Shakespeare only had access to 21,000 words to create his masterpieces :-)

Q: How do you make your unique images? Do you purchase stock images or do you take a bunch of images into Photoshop for rework?

Carmen: It's a sequential process - images are first purchased then, depending on the need to support a concrete or an abstract idea, some images are used as they are, some are treated in Photoshop or Illustrator. The creativity processes however starts long before the images are purchased and is based on brainstorming ideas away from the computer and the willingness to take some risks.

View the recorded version of this webinar.