Brainshark Delivers Training for Large International Corporation

Brainshark Delivers Training for Large International Corporation
July 13, 2011

I work for one of the largest international corporations in the world, employing over 50,000 at 188 sites in 35 countries across the globe.

We currently use Brainshark Services to assist in our digital communication. My plan is to use Brainshark for everything. The Brainshark development team is looking into transferring one of our online training and certification programs (which is outdated and hard to use) into an easy, self-paced corporate training program, consisting of mini-quizzes and a final exam of 50 questions. The development team is great, taking all the trouble and work off our hands and coming up with a beautifully put together solution to our problem.

But it doesn’t stop there! We are always looking to take our digital communications to the next level in order to increase the productivity, morale, and effectiveness of our employees and clients (potential clients) and Brainshark is the way to do that. The idea of using Brainshark is going “viral” across our company. Not just using it for online presentations about company information, but also using the tool with almost all forms of internal and external communications. Here are some examples:

  • Follow-ups on conference calls and seminars that were held with clients/coworkers.

  • Using Brainshark to relay company benefit information.

  • Product training and product information or updates.

  • Our technicians use Brainshark for lab reports with technical information and attach spec sheets and examples of new R&D products.

  • Replacing normal company internal news mailings for internal updates, upgrades, policy changes, and new rules and events

Another way we keep our authors informed is by creating our own Brainshark training, I created a folder in our main folder called "Brainshark training" - everyone in our company has access and can reference this folder at any time. I use this folder to create my own tips and tricks in Brainshark to give it a more personal feel to other authors trying to figure out how to accomplish simple tasks.

For example, I implemented the Auto-Archiving rule within our company to help keep our time down and clean up our folders. Realizing that people might think their presentations might have been deleted and I would get bombarded with questions, I made a news mailer and extracted all the user emails in CSV format by using the reports in the administration section. I then created a mailing list and sent out a news update on the new archiving rule. Also, I attached a presentation that I created showing user how to find archived presentation by folder.

This simple, short presentation was a better alternative to a lengthy training module or word doc: