Grandstream Networks Uses Brainshark to Go Global

Grandstream Networks Uses Brainshark to Go Global
July 20, 2011

When you're a small technology company, it's hard to get prospective customers to understand the value of your products without being able to physically put the products in their hands and take them for a test drive. Brochures and spec sheets simply don't cut it.  Webinars are great, but then you're limiting your audience to those who can commit, well in advance, to spending a specific hour with you.  That's where Brainshark comes in.

With Brainshark, we are able to generate professional on-demand web trainings that customers can view on their own time.  Plus, Brainshark's exceptional audio recording features allow you to skip the crowded conference bridge and avoid using that free software that drops calls and fuzzes out.  You can record clean, crisp, production quality audio and time your slides to create a dynamic web presentation.  

Just three days after my company, Grandstream Networks, uploaded our first Brainshark presentation, a Canadian customer called to complain that we didn’t invite him to our Quebec training seminar. 

“I’m sorry,” I told him, “but Grandstream isn’t hosting any trainings in Quebec.” 

“Sure you are,” he replied.  “You’re doing it right now!”

Unbeknownst to us, another customer had done a simple web search for the name of one of our new camera products, found the new Brainshark training, and scheduled a small conference with his agents.  At that very moment, he was sitting in a Quebec auditorium, playing our Brainshark videos and taking questions. 

Our marketing team was over the moon!  You can’t buy that kind of reaction from your customers.  It was so creative, so spontaneous and best of all – it didn’t cost us a dime.  We hit the phones right away to tell all of our customers worldwide about these presentations and encouraged them to host their own trainings.  Some customers even went so far as to create their own Brainshark videos so that they could share exclusive on-demand content that pointed right back to their websites for more information.

Today, we even use Brainshark for some of our internal events.  We’re a small company, but we’re global, so it’s hard to schedule a presentation that everyone can attend from Boston to LA to London, Mumbai, and Shenzhen.   

Thank you Brainshark for helping us reach more customers worldwide with rich on-demand content.  Just a few months ago I’d never even heard of you, but now I can’t imagine living without you!