Improving Client Performance with Brainshark

Improving Client Performance with Brainshark
July 5, 2011

As a full-service B2B marketing agency, our team at Canyon Communications focuses on identifying a client’s specific marketing challenges, then helping rise to those challenges through proven, multi-touch B2B marketing communications strategies.

We’ve enjoyed great success with many of our clients by utilizing a variety of specific tools, and one of my favorite client-service success stories involves the introduction of Brainshark as an online training, education, and presentation tool to Horizon Distributors. 

Horizon is a professional landscape and irrigation distribution company across nine states within the green industry that is committed to providing its customers with innovative, professional service and quality products in four product categories: irrigation, landscape, equipment, and specialty products.

Horizon places a large focus on providing business-building resources for its professional landscape and irrigation customers to help them succeed in their business ventures. That’s why they created the BizPro eSources training portal, an online resource that is filled with tools, tips, training videos and much more to help green industry professionals grow their businesses and increase their profits. This website includes access to these resources, including the ability to watch training presentations on irrigation, landscape, equipment, or specialty product topics.

We discovered that we needed a way to provide Horizon’s customers with valuable, educational content that was easily accessible, visually entertaining, creative, and most importantly, trackable. After reviewing all of the options, I turned to my previous experience implementing Brainshark online presentations with our clients. Brainshark ticked all the boxes to meet our goals, making the choice to implement the software a no-brainer.

The easy-to-use cloud format enables us to embed the presentations within e-mails and directly on the website, allowing us a way to offer Horizon’s customers detailed educational and training materials without leaving the portal. The video format of the training presentations proved to be a great way to engage our audience and provide them with valuable information and tips.  And the ability to track who viewed the presentations and when has proved to be an incredibly useful tool to show our client how the portal is performing.

Integrating Brainshark presentations into the training portal has produced amazing results, dramatically improving the performance of its eSources training portal by increasing the number of views. In just one month, 135 green industry professionals viewed the BizPro eSources winter edition training presentation.  This is fantastic visibility into the great resources our client provides to its customers. 

Brainshark has helped us make the training portal a more dynamic, visual educational tool.  We are looking forward to working with Brainshark and seeing more great results in the future!