Intego Systems and Brainshark Make Communicating with Healthcare Customers Easier

Intego Systems and Brainshark Make Communicating with Healthcare Customers Easier
July 26, 2011

I used to work for a large company that had full access to Brainshark’s many capabilities.  Since moving on to a different industry altogether, I have felt the need to have some of those same tools that I used to have. These are tools that allowed me to reach out, touch and keep in touch with customers.  My customers are in the healthcare arena, so their time is precious and difficult to acquire.

My territory is located in the North East; however, I am located down in the South East.  When I communicate with them, it is either via phone or email, unless I am travelling in the territory, so personalizing my communication to them is very important.  I visited the Brainshark web page to see what help was available. They offered some of the Brainshark tools for free and a great enterprise rate for additional tools. I was now able to reach out and touch my customers with personalized presentations and messages. I was also able to see who was watching my presentations and track other data about my specific marketing strategies. 

One of the first marketing strategies I developed was an introductory presentation about me and the company I work for. I was able to tell the customer what we offered and why they should do business with me.  I gave them the ability to watch this presentation at their leisure, instead of taking up valuable work time.  What I got back was a list of all those customers that watched the presentation, how long they watched it, where they watched it from, and which slides they watched.  I could tell exactly who I might have potential success with and who I needed to follow up with.  

I now have standard Brainsharks set up for introduction and equipment-specific needs. I don’t have to travel all the way up to the customer to initially meet them or to demo a product.  I have even used Brainsharks to send a Happy Birthday message to my customers with me singing a birthday tune.  My customers have appreciated my personalized attention without infringing on their busiest work time and schedule.  I have saved myself countless days of travel and have been able to refine my sales funnel with prospects that make it further down the funnel faster. 

I look forward to seeing other great sales ideas that I can integrate my Brainsharks with.  Thanks to all the fine men and women who have helped develop and implement this great sales tool.