Large Educational Developer Generates Qualified Leads with Brainshark

Large Educational Developer Generates Qualified Leads with Brainshark
July 28, 2011

We are a large Educational developer of print and online digital curriculum.  The education market is transitioning very quickly from a print-centered world to a digitally-minded marketplace and has been down for more than two years.  This year, for the first time, our sales force asked marketing for something they had never requested: leads.  We were asked to get into the marketplace and activate program interest in ways we’ve never done before and to generate viable leads.   

Our digital marketing team went to work and developed a new concept, a virtual approximation of the sales experience that could be pushed into the marketplace.  We developed a multi-step program activation campaign and turned to Brainshark as the key tool to help us develop this nurture program.  The idea behind this campaign was to create a set of easily identifiable steps to learn about the program, each step requiring just a little more information from the customer.  

The first step, developed with Brainshark, was the tour.  This is the two-minute elevator pitch that helps the customer learn whether they want to go further in the review process.  It was just enough information to capture them, and Brainshark allowed us to develop a mobile-ready movie with animation and narration.  This tour pushed customers to the sample step.  This Sample step allowed the customer to see and experience the materials quickly and easily across all components and grade levels.  The third step was the try-it piece, which using Brainshark and other tools provided the customer a customized trial experience with the program materials.  

The customer, lured to the trial through the first two steps, told what grade level they teach, helping us customize the trial experience even further.  This trial directed the customer through a 6-week course, complete with downloadable teaching materials, student materials, a training video for each grade level, and each week of instruction (more than 40 Brainshark videos).  Building these training pieces in Brainshark gave us ease of use and super quick time to market.  The flexibility of Brainshark allowed us to customize each training piece as we saw fit without expensive Flash programmers or rich media developers.  

We launched this new type of campaign and generated more than 9,000 views of our product tour and more than 6,000 leads in less than 4 weeks.  We’re excited about this new type of marketing and the role it can play in our marketplace.  

We had chosen the Enterprise account when we upgraded with Brainshark this year so that we could develop and explore the varying roles that rich media could play in lead generation.  We're extremely pleased with our choice of Brainshark as a core tool in our marketing strategy.