Live from the Android's the Brainshark App!

Live from the Android's the Brainshark App!
July 6, 2011

Do you own an Android phone?  Chances are good that you do. 

Varying reports are saying that 38-50% of all new smartphones being purchased are running the Android operating system.  So after building the Brainshark App for iOS devices earlier this year, Brainshark went and built one for Androids, too… it’s available today on the Android Market!

Accessing your Brainshark content couldn’t be easier.  After installing the free App, all you need to do is log in to your Brainshark account and you get a feed of company-created content & featured company content.  If you’re a myBrainshark account holder, then you are able to access your own active presentations. 

Each presentation shows off detailed information on the content and author; the slides used in the presentation;  supportive downloadable documentation like pdfs, docs and web links; and questions, like surveys, polls and exams questions.


Did you say it supports “questions?” 

Yes, I did.  This App is more interactive than ever!  If your company has enabled our Enhanced Mobile solution, then all question slides will show up and can be answered by viewers using the App, and you can obtain the feedback and reporting.  We’ve even included question feedback, points, branching and more.  All of this information will then be available in your presentation reports.

Do I need to have a Brainshark account to use this App?

You don’t need to log in to be able to take advantage of the features of this App.  You can enjoy the enhanced mobile viewing experience for any mobile-enabled Brainshark presentation.  After installing the App, click the link to the Brainshark presentation you want to view, and click on the “Launch in Brainshark” App link.  This will invoke the App and play the presentation.

Regardless of whether you’re an existing Brainshark user or not, you have access to a feed of free business-focused eLearning provided by the myBrainshark community of subject matter experts.

Go to the Android Market now!

Install the new free Brainshark App and tell me what you think.  I welcome your feedback (and especially some positive ratings!)